The Biggest Mistake Purchasing Managers Make

Ever struggle buying a gift for someone else? Part of the challenge is finding something that you think the other person needs or will use. Buying pallets is similar. If you’re not the one using it, it’s hard to know whether it will function well within its environment.

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The fact is that most purchasing managers are not trained to evaluate the performance level of a pallet. Yet the pallet is the foundation of the entire unit load and it protects their valuable product. Without understanding how the pallet is being handled and used throughout the supply chain, it’s easy to make a mistake and buy the wrong one.

Avoid a Purchasing Mistake

That’s why it’s critical for purchasing managers to involve the warehouse manager and others who move, load, and unload pallets through the system. Taking the time to understand what specifications are needed will remove any guesswork from the pallet procurement process.

Below are general talking points to review with your team:
The product
– Understanding the size/dimensions/fragility of your product will help determine the size and type of pallet required.
Shipping destination
– Where is the product going? This will help determine pallet treatment.
Load bearing capacity
– What is the weight of the product and how much load will the pallet need to carry?
– How do pallets function within your organization? Are they used once or multiple times? What type of equipment do they interact with?
– Where and how are they stored?

There is nothing worse than spending time, effort, and resources in manufacturing only to have your product damaged in transit. Fortunately, the right pallet will protect your product and provide peace of mind. Rose Pallet can help evaluate the performance of pallets in your organization to ensure you use the right ones. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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