Reconditioned Pallets

Rose Pallet is a pallet factory that offers a variety of used and recycled wooden pallets as affordable alternatives to new pallets. Every used pallet is sorted, inspected, and repaired to meet the quality standards of our customers. For sizes that we do not routinely stock, we build custom remanufactured pallets using reclaimed lumber from dismantled pallets. We also provide Heat Treatment services for any of our pallets that need to be compliant with federal export requirements.

Reconditioned Pallets Benefits

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    Preserve our natural resources

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    Find new, cost-saving measures

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    Help make sure fewer pallets end up in landfills each year

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    Recycled pallets are drier due to their life cycle


A few key identifies for grading reconditioned pallets are listed below:

  • Dimension
  • Number of stringers
  • Amount of repairs on the stringer

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Reconditioned pallets are ideal for:

Today, pallets are almost as ubiquitous as supermarket plastic bags – and often, sadly, just as routinely discarded. But the pallet offers enterprising recyclers a pallet recycling program. Whilst their shape – squat and square – lends itself to the creation of unique furniture, the pallet’s raw, textured wood is also on trend for many contemporary shelving and storage schemes.

Recycling free or cheap, unwanted pallets is not only cost-effective, but it also shows your customers that you care about contributing to sustainability.

If you haven’t thought about the many ways that wood pallets might work in your business, get inspired by the imaginative and stylish ways these have been used.

Consult with our crating specialist.

At Rose Pallet, we understand that not all goods can be safely shipped using pallets. That’s why we proudly offer a wide variety of high-quality crates.

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