Plastic Pallets

Depending on your needs or industry, recyclable plastic pallets may be the right choice for your business! Typically, they are bacteria-resistant, which helps increase workplace and product safety, and water-resistant, which makes them easy to wash. Because they do not absorb humidity, they are one of the safest choices for transporting products that must remain dry, such as paper product, cement and even wooden products.

Plastic Pallets Benefits

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    Secure, long-term asset when used in an in-house, closed-loop system

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    Easy to store, especially nested versions designed to save space

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    Automatically complies with the ISPM 15 Standards*

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    Enhanced safety (for personnel and products) due to lack of sharp edges, nails or splinters


  • The plastic pallet is manufactured from UV stabilized HDPE
  • Injection moulded single piece design without any welds or joints
  • Four way entry for easy forklift operation
  • Economical, recyclable as well as environment friendly
  • No, nails or splinters and does not require any maintenance
  • Tough and durable structure
  • Long life and weather resistant and excellent chemical resistance
  • Can be cleaned with water or steam for hygienic applications
  • Can be used indoors as well as outdoors
black plastic pallet

single black plastic pallet

Plastic Pallets are ideal for:

Plastics crates are used in a wide range of applications. Some items, such as food packaging, become waste only a short time after purchase. The greatest advantage of plastic crates is that they lend themselves to be reused many times over.

The international trend has switched towards the use of plastic crates and they are already in use for storage and shipping in a wide range of industries such as: agriculture, automotive, building and construction, clothing, electronics, food, fruit and vegetables, groceries in supermarket chains, bakeries, dairy, fisheries, freight forwarding, household goods, nurseries, pharmaceuticals, packaging, logistics, rubbers and white goods.

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