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Rose Pallet was founded in 2011 by Alan Rose, Mia Allen, Co-CEO, and Amy Olson, Co-CEO. Our corporate headquarters are located in Bridgeview, IL and consists of 15 employees, including our Accounting, Marketing, and Operations Departments.

mia and amy posing in front of rose pallet company car

Mia’s career in the pallet industry started in 1998. After a few years of learning both the industry and building quality relationships, she quickly became the top salesperson at her previous company. After eight years, Amy Olson followed her sister’s footsteps and also entered the pallet industry at a competing company. The two partnered in 2010 to collaborate and shortly thereafter, with the assistance of their uncle, Alan Rose, opened Rose Pallet in 2011.

Following these years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, Mia and Amy decided it was time to put their own fingerprints and legacy on the industry. For the past thirteen years, they have delicately balanced servicing Rose Pallet’s customers, growing and developing the business with their mission, and using their expertise to continually educate their team. Despite a tough economy and an extreme pallet shortage, Rose Pallet has continued to expand, now servicing almost triple the customer base as when it was founded, and has many plans for positive growth!


Mission Statement

We deliver exceptional value-based solutions making Rose Pallet the clear choice for our clients’ pallet and crating needs.

Executive Team

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Mia Allen

Co-CEO, Owner & Co-Founder

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Amy Olson

Co-CEO, Owner and Co-Founder

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