Do Your Heat-Treated Pallets Pass the Export Exam?

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has impacted global trade. But for those of our customers that ship internationally, experts are projecting a strong recovery in 2021. Will you be ready?

Businesses exporting products outside the U.S. need to be ready for a likely recovery in global trade. That means having an ample supply of heat-treated pallets. Heat treatment is required to meet ISPM 15 requirements for the prevention of insect, pest, and pathogen migration in solid wood packaging materials prior to export. The process can also be used to extend the lifecycle of wooden pallets and help them resist mold.

What to expect:

Many suppliers sell heat-treated pallets, but it is important to ask about their process. Typically, pallets are placed in a kiln and heated until their core temperature reaches 133°F. This temperature must be held for 30 minutes prior to removal and stamping. Afterward, pallets should be inspected by an accredited third-party service to certify the process and use of the ISPM 15 stamp.

What to avoid:

Beware of recycled pallets marked with an ISPM 15 stamp. Just because it is marked does not mean it has been recently treated and certified. If the stamp is outdated, the pallet is no longer considered compliant with ISPM 15 requirements. If sent overseas, the receiving country could refuse your shipment. In fact, most exporters are requiring documentation of heat-treatment inspection prior to receiving pallets bearing the ISPM 15 stamp. The proper procedure for recycled pallets is to obliterate any old stamps or markings when it goes in for repair. Then, if it is re-treated, a new mark must be applied after the process.

Who can help:

Rose Pallet can help with all of your pallet heat-treatment needs. We’re happy to consult on the treatment options as well as oversee the process. Our heat-treated pallets—whether new or reconditioned—are always inspected and marked with a unique heat stamp to comply with ISPM 15 requirements. We want you to rest assured that you are getting what you pay for and that your shipment will be compliant.

Contact us to order your heat-treated pallets now so you can easily meet whatever demands may come.

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