Is Your Pallet Compatible with Your Palletizing Operation?

Love, relationships, and compatibility. All of these are top-of-mind in the month of February. Compatibility, however, isn’t just important for people. It’s also critical for your palletizing operation. Here’s how to assess and avoid the hidden costs of pallet incompatibility.

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The demand for pallets has increased, yet the time between ordering and expectation of delivery has decreased. This is a recipe for trouble. It means that pallets must be constructed more quickly and repaired even faster, creating greater margin for error.

As you can imagine, this has led to a decline in the pallet pool. As a result, more and more businesses are working with lower-quality pallets, which may not be designed for use on certain palletizing equipment. In fact, if your automated system has little or no variability, lower quality pallets will cause costly issues.

Prior to use, it is important to understand and assess which pallet characteristics should be suspect and how to avoid operational downtime, product damage, and the potential for accidents.


  • Loose or broken components that may result in jams or faults
  • Damaged components or inconsistent dimensions that may cause improper unit load placement and vibrations on conveyors
  • Uneven deckboards that may impact stacking stability
  • Small-sized pallets that may cause stability issues and product damage in transit


  • Reduce the number of pallet vendors you work with to drive more consistency
  • Perform in-house pallet repair to ensure quality
  • Buy custom pallets, designed to meet the specific requirements for your palletizing system


Rose Pallet has performed hundreds of pallet assessments. We are happy to go on site to personally review your pallet supply in relation to your palletizing operation. When it’s time to re-stock, we can fulfill orders for used pallets or custom pallets, all within your desired timeframe. Rest assured that, before any order leaves our premises, it is thoroughly inspected to ensure quality. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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