A Simple Way to Ship Sustainably

According to the EPA, organizations’ supply chains often account for more than 90 percent of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. How you ship your products this season can either contribute to or reduce that impact.

The holidays are upon us and with them comes high shipping season. So how can you ship more sustainably?  From energy to emissions, there are many factors to consider when trying to reduce your supply chain’s carbon footprint. But there is a simple solution when it concerns pallet choice.

Reducing GHG

In addition to being reusable and recyclable, wooden pallets help reduce greenhouse gas in our atmosphere.  And they also require less energy to manufacture than other alternatives. Therefore, solely using wood instead of fossil fuel-intensive materials is one way to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Storing Carbon

Half of a wooden pallet’s net weight is carbon (that was taken in by the tree during its growth phase). Throughout its service life, a wooden pallet stores carbon that would otherwise be re-released into the atmosphere as CO2, a greenhouse gas.  By storing the gas, a wooden pallet reduces CO2 emissions which helps to slow global climate change and improve air quality.

Surprisingly, re-using as few as six wood pallets per month offsets the emissions from one car for an entire month! If you’re using more, find out how big of an impact you’re making with this EPA-approved carbon calculator.

Environmental Product Declaration

Further proof is in the certification.  Wood pallets earned EPD certification in 2020. This declaration speaks to the quantitative impact that wooden pallets have on the environment beyond their reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable qualities.

ESG Reporting

If you’re already using wood pallets, make sure to include it in ESG reporting. This message adds value to your brand and resonates with many GenXers and Millennials – both of whom are proven to be twice as likely to buy from companies who ship sustainably.

And, if you’re not using wood pallets but would like more information, please contact us. We’d love to continue the conversation and help with all your holiday shipping needs.

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