Wood Pallets Receive Environmental Product Declaration Certification

If your business is among the many with corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we’ve got some good news for you. Choosing wood pallets can help the environmental impact of your CSR policies. That’s because wood pallets recently received Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification.

Environmental Product Declaration

We all know that wood is good. It is a renewable resource, it can be recycled, and it is carbon positive with a low environmental impact. But now there is scientific proof and validation besides. After years of planning and industry research, the Pallet Foundation has funded and developed an Environmental Product Declaration for U.S. wood pallets. It is the first of its kind in the distribution packaging space and includes a cradle-to-grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for wood pallets.

What does this mean for pallet buyers?

Simply put, when you use wood pallets, you are helping to fulfill your corporate environmental and social responsibility criteria.

Which pallets are affected?

The wooden pallet EPD is based on a 48×40 footprint, which is common in the grocery industry. It’s applicable to softwood and hardwood, new or used, stringer or block design.

The EPD analysis was based on 14 board feet of lumber, which averages the variety of pallets typically used to transport fast-moving consumer goods. However, the more wood amount in the pallet, the greater the impact.

How can pallet buyers take advantage of the new EPD certification?

The wooden pallet EPD can benefit many different supply chains. Next time you run low on pallets, re-stock with hard or softwood pallets. If you’re already buying wood pallets, promote it on social media (#EnvironmentalProductDeclaration) and tell others why you buy them.  Expressing concern for the health of our planet raises awareness for the cause and, in many cases, it also boosts your sales.  With all those new orders, you’ll probably need more pallets. And, of course, you know where to get them—contact the pros at Rose Pallet!

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