6 Fabulous Father’s Day Gifts Made from Pallets

From coaching to teaching life skills, dads are full of great advice and instruction. That’s why, in just four days, we’ll be celebrating fathers across the country for their crucial role in our lives. Have you already thought about how you will honor your father?

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Like we did for Mother’s Day, we scoured the net for some awesome DIY gifts to provide you with some inspiration. We found a variety of ways you can turn scrap wood or a pallet that has reached the end of its lifecycle into a gift dad will find useful or appreciate for years to come.

  1. Help dad organize his shed with a tool rack made from pallets.
  2. Construct a simple workbench from pallets for his garage.
  3. Memorialize his ‘wise words’ on a sign that he can hang in his man cave.
  4. Build an outdoor bar from used pallets. With the summer solstice in just five days, it’s the perfect time to give dad something that will keep his cold drinks close at hand while he’s outside doing yard work.
  5. What about a fire pit for his backyard? For this project, you can use pallets two ways—to make the base of the pit and you can even use scraps as kindling. This unique version incorporates storage for his firewood into the design.
  6. For a simpler project, yet still very useful, consider making a wood-mounted bottle opener using scrap pallet boards. You can even paint it with his favorite team logo or mascot. He can hang it in the kitchen right next to the fridge. How convenient!

Maybe you’re not the crafty type. That’s okay, too. There are several businesses that reclaim and repurpose wood into sought-after treasures.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this post; we hope it’s a wonderful day spent with family!

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