Prevent Waste and Win Mom’s Approval

‘Eat your veggies. Turn off the lights. Don’t let the water run.’ Moms are always reminding us not to waste. So this mother’s day, prove that you’re listening to her. Upcycle a pallet into a unique gift she’ll treasure!

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Top 5 Pallet Gifts for Mom

The pallet industry does a tremendous job keeping pallets out of the landfill.  In fact, 95% of wood pallets are recovered, refurnished, and recycled. Repurposing pallets into something new also helps prevent pallet waste. Below are some of the best unique gift ideas that will win mom’s approval.

  1. Pallet Art – If you’re a skilled artist, use a pallet as your canvas and create a custom piece your mom is sure to cherish.
  2. Shoe Storage – What mother doesn’t need more storage for her shoes? By simply stacking pallets side by side and nailing in one slat horizontal, you can create a unique and organized space for her heels, sneakers, and flip-flops.
  3. Pallet Planter – Flowers are always a sure bet to help brighten her day. Make them last all season long with a pallet planter filled with her favorite varieties.
  4. Porch Swing. With summer right around the corner, mom would appreciate the opportunity to sit back, relax, and swing the day away!
  5. Picture Frame – It’s highly likely mom has hundreds of photos on her phone. Pallets can help transform them from digital to delightful. Learn how to make these rustic photo frames to showcase her favorites.

If you need any assistance, advice, or a pallet or two, you know where to find the pros. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this post; we hope it’s a wonderful day spent with family!

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