Avoid this leading cause of warehouse injury

Although relatively basic in construction, pallets can be hazardous if not handled properly. To avoid injuries such as sprained ankles, broken toes, or puncture wounds, handlers must take appropriate precautions. These precautions should be observed whether working with pallets under load or empty pallets.

According to the national safety council, contact with objects—such as pallets—and equipment is a leading cause of warehouse injury involving days away from work. Help protect your warehouse workers by providing safety education and mandating adherence to pallet safety protocols including:

  1. Only use pallets for their intended purpose—to carry a load that is uniformly distributed. Do not use them to function as stairs, a ladder, a man lift, or anything other than what they are designed to do.
  2. Only stack pallets horizontally at a maximum height of 4 feet.
  3. Do not stand empty pallets on end as they are unstable and can easily topple over causing injury.
  4. When working near pallets or handling pallets, wear gloves and safety shoes.
  5. To safety unload, use a pick hook to reach products on the back of a pallet and pull forward. This prevents the pallet from becoming unstable and tipping due to a weight imbalance.
  6. Always lift empty pallets with a partner or use a forklift when possible. When manually lifting, keep the pallet vertical and close to the chest to maintain balance.
  7. Always clean up any broken pallet boards, nails, or other debris to prevent slip and fall injuries or damage to material handling equipment.
  8. Only use and handle pallets in good condition. Remove damaged or substandard pallets for repair or recycling.

We encourage you to post these safety tips in your warehouse and discuss them regularly with your workers.

If you have questions about handling, repair, or recycling, please contact us. We’re ready and available to help you move your products from here to there…safely.

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