Who is Your Pallet Provider?

Word of mouth is arguably the best way to find a vendor. Oftentimes people will ask, “Who do you use?” But beyond a name, they also want to know why. So, what is your response when you’re asked, “Who is your pallet provider?”

Although just five words, it’s a loaded question: Who is your pallet provider? When someone asks for your recommendation, you should be prepared to tell them more than a name.

At Rose Pallet, we’re known for integrity, innovation, diversity, and passion. Does your provider stack up? If not, we would love to be considered as a supplemental or back-up resource.


Pallet integrity is measured by the pallet’s ability to withstand vibrations, shocks, and other stresses encountered during handling and transportation.

Just as we place a high value on pallet integrity, we expect the same virtues of our workers. At Rose Pallet, we seek out and employ loyal, dedicated, and honest people. Because of their integrity, we create pallets with integrity—products that can be depended on and trusted to perform as designed.

Furthermore, it is our practice to source from smaller operations with proven track records for reliable and high-quality material and processes. And with all orders, we always inspect to ensure specifications are met and the count is accurate so there are no surprises, and you get what you pay for.


During lumber shortages and all-time price hikes, our team relies on robust software to design pallets using mixed lumber to help lower costs and ensure material availability.  It requires creativity, but also scientific process.

We continue to invest in machinery, including a custom-notching machine at our plant in Oak Creek, WI, to increase the speed of pallet production and to meet tight delivery deadlines.

And we have partnered with an indoor sawmill that collects storm-damaged trees from municipalities and turns them into lumber for pallets.


We believe in sourcing from diverse suppliers. In fact, we source our products from mills and pallet manufacturers across the heart of America. Therefore, when you buy from us, you are not only supporting a woman-owned business, you’re also supporting small- to medium-sized business owners nationwide.

And because of your patronage, we are also able to loan money for machinery and supply lumber to disadvantaged second-tier Hispanic and DBE suppliers without any lines of credit. This practice has helped these small businesses stay afloat and survive, especially during Covid-19 challenges.


It’s always more pleasant to conduct business with people who believe in their product and enjoy what they do. At Rose Pallet, we are passionate about both. We turn raw materials into the workforce of the supply chain, we innovate to conserve materials, and we repurpose our pallets into useful products at the end of their lifecycle. We love our life’s work and all the people behind the pallets who serve and enrich their communities nationwide. Together, we move the world’s goods.

And we’re eager to help you too. Contact us today to continue the discussion!

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