Winterize Your Warehouse and Your Pallet Supply

Even though fall has just begun, it’s never too early to plan ahead. As the temperature drops, you need to take important steps to winterize your warehouse and your pallet supply.

If your warehouses are located in a cold-weather climate, it’s time to begin winterization preparations. Tasks on a winterize list should include servicing your heating system and giving your forklifts an oil change as well as moving outdoor storage of raw materials inside. And that includes any pallets in the yard as well. Why relocate pallets indoors? Well, aside from protecting these valuable shipping platforms (which remain in high demand and low supply), winter weather negatively impacts the condition and performance of pallets.

Here’s what can happen if you leave your pallets outside in the elements and what you should do instead. These prevention measures will help your pallets weather any winter storm.

What to Avoid this Winter:

  1. Freeze damage – Pallets are made from green wood with a high moisture content. If left outside in cold weather, stacks of pallets can freeze together. Pulling them apart, even after brought up to room temperature, can result in damage.
  2. Snow damage – A sudden storm can quickly dump snow and pile it high enough to cover any pallets left outside. Snow can become hard blocks of ice making excavation difficult, dangerous, and–depending on the tools used–damaging to pallets. Wet pallets can thaw out inside and survive; but, in some cases, snow damage can render them unusable.

How to Prepare Prior to Winter:

  1. Clear floor space. Make sure you have space cleared out ahead of time to accommodate your pallets. As soon as the thermostat drops below 32°F, take your pallets inside.
  2. Invest in portable fans – While it seems odd to buy fans in winter, they will come in handy if your pallets experience any frost during transit. Prior to re-circulating, pallets must be clean and dry. Positioning a floor fan nearby can help them dry faster.

Ultimately, being mindful of how cold weather can impact your pallets and taking proper precautions will ensure the best performance and maintain the quality of your supply. For more helpful information, contact the pros at Rose Pallet.

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