The #1 Thing Pallet Buyers Should Expect in 2020 and Beyond

In the pallet industry, there are many companies that are great at producing products. Fewer are focused on sales and customer service. Yet, pallet buyers are rightfully demanding more sophisticated interaction from their vendors.

Pallet buyers are expecting more. More interaction and better customer service. At Rose Pallet, we understand that buying pallets is not your full-time job. That’s why we make it our mission to educate you. We believe that confidence is built on information. Understanding the process of pallet selection and pallet management will help you buy better and get more value for your dollars.

But understanding requires a relationship. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at Rose Pallet. Since our founding, we have focused on improving the pallet buying process and providing remarkable customer service. Whether you’ve been buying pallets for years or whether you’re new to the process, we take the same approach to provide thorough care and attention to your specific needs.

Perhaps our most important piece of advice to all in the market—don’t buy on price alone. All bids will vary based on pallet design (i.e. positioning or thickness of deck boards, fasteners, as well as lumber type and amount).

And pallet design will vary based on how pallets perform within your organization. Three basic considerations will help you narrow down your choices.

  1. Know your supply chain (i.e. specific plant requirements, mold tolerance level, heat treatment requirements)
  2. Know your material handling environment (i.e. racking, stacking, and equipment interactions will dictate specific design requirements)
  3. Know the delivery requirements for all plant locations (i.e. flatbeds or lowboy trailers can accommodate more pallets, but there is an increased likelihood for pallets to become wet)

Of course, we will help you assess these and other factors to help you make the best pallet purchasing decision. Because at Rose Pallet we believe it takes more than a great product. We believe that people make the difference. When you’re ready to experience remarkable customer service and interaction, contact the pros at Rose Pallet!

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