What Are Your Environmental and Sustainability Goals?

If reducing carbon emissions is among your environmental and sustainability goals, you’re not alone. It’s a big, global initiative where little things matter a lot. Consider wood pallets and packaging. Although a small item in the supply chain, these products make a giant impact.

carbon footprint

You may not give them too much thought, but wood pallets and packaging contribute greatly to reducing your carbon footprint. We explain how, what it means to you, and why it matters for your business.

How wood is good:

  • Wood products store carbon and keep it out of the atmosphere, which contributes to the material’s light carbon footprint.
  • Substituting wood for fossil fuel-intensive materials is a way of avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Wood products typically require less energy to manufacture than other materials.
  • Wood pallets are made from byproducts. Any wood that is not in demand for housing, furniture, or flooring, for example, is used to construct pallets. This practice ensures that nothing from the forest goes to waste.

These and many other facts, as well as circular processes, have been certified by the UL, in conjunction with the US Forest Products Lab, through the presentation of an Environmental Product Declaration.

What it means for you:

It means that using wood pallets brings your organization one step closer to achieving net zero carbon footprint.

Why it matters to your business:

Nielsen studies show that 66% of consumers would spend more for a product if it came from a sustainable brand, and 81% of global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment. Therefore, if you’re using wood pallets, tell your customers! Emphasize in your marketing that the wood pallets and packaging you’re using bears the UL Certified EPD seal of approval. And explain how it is a part of your overall sustainability initiatives to make a positive societal impact while growing closer to achieving net zero carbon emissions.

Need help getting the word out?

Rose Pallet is happy to share your sustainable practices on our social media sites. Tag us at @rosepallet on Facebook and Instagram.

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