3 Small Changes to Improve the Pallet Purchasing Process

If 2020 taught us anything, it was how to embrace change. Oftentimes we resist it because we are faced with a new routine or habit. But the act of changing can also deepen an investment or commitment. At Rose Pallet, change has strengthened how we do business.

At Rose Pallet, we know that progress requires evaluation and changing what is necessary. And, while we consider ourselves in the business of customer service above all else, there is always room to improve.

What We’re Changing:

Last year we had several new accounts come to us because they weren’t able to acquire pallets elsewhere. And while we’re glad to be relied upon as a trusted source, we know that it requires a strong internal team and a vast network of vendor partners to make it happen. That’s why we’re hiring more employees and adding resources in order to maintain supplies and fulfill our commitment to clients.

We also know how quickly the market can change. Lumber shortages and erratic price increases can be very challenging for pallet buyers. We are doing our best to mitigate that by keeping a watchful eye on the market and providing consistent and transparent communication about fluctuations. We are also pre-buying at opportune times to ensure we can meet demands, regardless of the current climate.

What You Can Change:

  1. Pay closer attention to your pallets
  2. Give more lead time to your supplier
  3. Do business with Rose Pallet

If we could recommend one change for customers, it would be to pay closer attention to your pallet supply. We all know that pallets can make or break your logistics operation. For example, suddenly finding yourself without pallets can cause panic. An excess supply can also be disruptive—taking up space and creating unnecessary mess.

Make it a regular practice to assess your pallet supply. As soon as you notice a variation from projection, notify us and submit your purchase order. The more lead time you can give, the easier it will be to procure the right pallets at the right price.

And, of course, if you aren’t currently doing business with Rose Pallet, we hope you will consider a change and give us a shot.  When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we’ll deliver. We can also assess your shipping operations and help with pallet management. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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