Where to Find Reliable Pallets in Uncertain Times

Whether you’re a large manufacturer shipping thousands of products daily or a smaller shop with a few loads going out each week, reliable pallets ensure the safe transport of the goods you work so hard to produce. But, with increased demand on the supply chain to ship critical products such as PPE and groceries, quality pallets are becoming harder to find.

gentleman smiling in pallet warehouse

As the economy re-opens, restrictions are lifted, and local businesses ramp up production once again, there are two issues you might experience with your current provider or source for pallets. First, you may encounter supply interruptions. Second, you may notice lower-quality pallets in your next order. How can you combat this? One solution is to diversify your list of vendors.

We are all familiar with pallet pooling services and the big players in that market, but there are many other resources to consider. In fact, there are more than 2,500 mostly small family-owned businesses in the U.S. manufacturing wooden pallets, crates, boxes, and bins.
At Rose Pallet, for example, we source from these smaller operations in addition to producing pallets at our own plants. Supporting local businesses has many advantages from creating jobs to boosting local economies. But, perhaps most important, is the reliability and quality of the manufactured pallets. A well-built pallet is easier to handle, provides proper support and protection, and it can also reduce the need for extra packaging and waste.

Our employees are well trained in quality assurance standards. They take extra care in inspecting all the pallets we produce, repair, and procure to ensure that each meets or exceeds our quality standards.

While there are many things that cause concern these days, your pallet supply shouldn’t be one of them. At Rose Pallet, we take our role in the supply chain very seriously. We are grateful to remain in operation and to provide pallets for the unique needs of our clients. If you are experiencing interruptions or issues with quality, call us. Your business is important—whether you simply need advice, a supplemental supply, or a new provider, Rose Pallet is ready and reliable.

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