6 Things You Should Know About Your Pallet Vendor

As business and consumer confidence rebounds so does the demand for a variety of goods and pallets on which to ship them. Finding the right pallet vendor, however, requires more than an internet search. Here’s what you should know…

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We know there are many companies competing to be your pallet vendor. So, what sets Rose Pallet apart? There are many things we do behind-the-scenes to ensure your complete satisfaction and loyalty. Here are the top six:

6 Things You Should Know About Us:

  1. We are 100% women-owned. Last December, Rose Pallet underwent a transfer of ownership which gave 100% controlling interest and ownership to  Mia and Amy. And, that’s not all. Over 50% of our workforce is female.
  2. We’re not afraid to admit we don’t have all the answers. If we don’t have a certain capability to help our customers, we’ll find someone who can. If necessary, we’ll pre-qualify that resource before recommending them to you.
  3. We don’t mind wearing multiple hats. Our business experiences high-volume throughout the year as well as slower times. Yet, we employ our staff full time. So, to help cope with fluctuating workload, our employees may switch from one departmental task to another. This cross training exposes our employees to multiple disciplines, strengthening their skillset.
  4. We strive for innovation. The past year has forced many industries to innovate in order to stay relevant and profitable. Fortunately, our industry was deemed essential but we still had to adapt in some areas including incorporating technology to work remotely. But we also successfully helped our customers pivot as they navigated shifts in production and budgets without ever sacrificing pallet quality and supply.
  5. We foster a relaxed office environment. No, we’re not talking about telecommuting, although working in sweatpants had its benefits. But now that we’re happily back in the office (and practicing safe working conditions), we continue to promote a fun and easygoing atmosphere. This helps employees connect with each other and build camaraderie, which makes teamwork more effective.
  6. We promote from within. It’s tough to work with a company when your point-of-contact constantly changes due to turn-over. At Rose Pallet, our employees have unlimited growth possibilities and can make lateral or upward movements with ease. Among other things, this helps ensure that established client relationships continue without interruption.

Ultimately, the Rose Pallet difference is more than just the external product, it’s our internal initiative, attitude, and abilities that truly distinguish us. Call us today and see for yourself!

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