Are you teamed up with the right pallet supplier?

Fall is the season for football. And although not everyone cheers for the same team, all football fans love this time of year because they get to watch their favorite teams battle it out on the gridiron. It’s a similar situation with pallet buyers and suppliers. Although we’re on different sides of the transaction, we are united in one goal—to overcome prevailing market challenges.

Everyone’s got their favorite football team. But what about favorite vendors? Here’s why many professionals trust us to tackle their toughest pallet problems…

While the pallet industry is still dealing with labor, lumber, and pallet shortages along with high demand, Rose Pallet never ceases to do whatever it takes to help our customers get the right pallet and packaging products to move their goods. Because of our tenacity and trustworthiness, we’ve had to privilege to work with customers in a variety of industries. And one of the questions we like to ask each of our accounts is: Why do you buy from Rose Pallet?

Their feedback helps us improve and ensure we continue to meet and anticipate customer needs—not just in our business, but within the industry as a whole.

Why Customers Team Up with Us:

“Our mission is to better serve our customers with a simplified and seamless logistics solution. Since other pallet providers fell short on helping us with this delivery, we sought recommendations from our other locations. Many touted the team at Rose Pallet for their reliability and customer-focused approach. As soon as we made the switch, we noticed a difference. So, we continue to use them on a regular basis.” (DHL Supply Chain)

“Their friendly service and competitive pricing are second to none.” (Lagunitas Brewing Company)

“Rose Pallet’s service is impressive; but, above all, I benefit the most from my relationship with Mia Allen. She is always reliable, and I know I can count on her to make my job a little easier.” (Panalpina Inc.)

“I like the professionalism that Rose Pallet provides. With demanding customers, it is important to partner with a supplier that is responsive and delivers in a timely manner. Rose Pallet helps me meet my customers’ ever-changing requirements.” (Unisource Business Networks)

“Rose Pallet treats customers with the respect that they expect. Their customer service is so valuable to me that I would hire them over other providers, even if their price was higher.” (Clorox Company)

 “In addition to supplying pallets, Rose Pallet also removes scrap or waste and will pick up pallets for re-use. We no longer need to sort out bad pallets or keep piles in the warehouse, which helps to free up space.” (Gonnella Baking Company)

We invite you to experience the Rose Pallet difference.  Contact our pallet pros today to continue the discussion.

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