5 Reasons Pallets Make the Perfect Presents for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is one week away… To celebrate, we asked a few of our employees to share what they love...

wooden pallets in a grid

Valentine’s Day is one week away… To celebrate, we asked a few of our employees to share what they love about their job and which gifts–made from pallets, of course–would make the perfect presents for any Valentine.

What I Love About Working With Pallets:

  1. Visiting with our partner network on a regular basis. By staying in close contact with pallet manufacturers and recyclers across the country, I have a pulse on the latest trends, technologies, and developments, which enables me to offer the best options for our clients.
  2. There are no two days that are the same. Whether it’s waking up at 4am to drive five hours to meet with some of the Amish sawmills in Wisconsin or getting a phone call at 10pm on a Thursday night from a customer for a Friday morning delivery, there’s always something going on.
  3. I love that we’re able to provide a continuous supply of palets to our customers to ensure their shipping process is never delayed due to low pallet inventory. It’s good to know that my job positively impacts their business.
  4. Attending industry events, especially when they’re in warm destinations such as the NWPCA Annual Leadership Conference coming up in March.
  5. Learning and using new technology to design pallets that not only meet customer specs, but are also lighter, better for the environment, last longer, and use fewer materials.

Top 5 Perfect Presents Made From Pallets:

Before you head out to buy flowers or conversation hearts, consider these ideas to make a stronger statement about how much you care.

  1. pallet presents perfect for your ValentineForget a card, show your affection with personalized pallet art from our line at Urban Art Chicago (you could feature the name or place where you first met).
  2. A love seat for your outdoor patio so you can snuggle up and share some quiet time with your Valentine.
  3. Your relationship will be a breeze when you make and give an outdoor swing.
  4. Make a wooden pallet bar and toast the one you love most.
  5. Don’t forget the kiddos…They’ll love to make-believe in an outdoor playhouse.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Rose Pallet!  We love earning your business and we’re always available to assist with your pallet management needs.

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