8 Things You Can Do to Manage the Pallet Crunch

We all know that material and labor shortages are impacting the cost, availability, and circulation of pallets through the supply chain. Yet, managing this pallet crunch is possible with a little sacrifice and some creativity.

Are pallet shortages causing you pain? You’re not alone. Here are some ways that you can avoid disruption and gain peace of mind.

8 Things You Can Do

  1. Give plenty of lead time. We are currently advising clients to provide 14-20 business days on all pallet orders.
  2. If you can safely do so, consider switching from hardwood to softwood or other grades and sizes of recycled pallets.
  3. Ask your provider about sourcing from another region. Regional manufacturers can sometimes help fill the void.
  4. Practice safe handling to avoid damage of existing stock; repair when necessary and reuse. (This is also good practice in a circular economy as pallets are one of the very few products in our global economy that can cycle in both technical and biological systems.)
  5. If possible, set aside a “safety stock.”
  6. Stick with your current provider as many are not taking on new customers currently in order to fulfill orders for existing clients.
  7. Adapt your inventory to minimize pallet usage.
  8. Be flexible, understanding, decisive, and act quickly to secure supply.

Although we can’t do much about the current situation, we do know that this, too, will pass…eventually. Rose Pallet is always available to provide help, guidance, and information along the way.  Contact us at any time to speak with one of our knowledgeable pallet pros.

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