Gifts for Mom Made from a Mother ‘Load’ of Pallets

The mother of all days is right around the corner. Not a lot of time for you to find the...

Happy Mothers Day

The mother of all days is right around the corner. Not a lot of time for you to find the perfect gift to show your mom (or mother of your children) how much you appreciate her. Fortunately, you’re reading this post right now because we’ve got some great ideas that are sure to impress the woman who is always there for you…no matter what. And, of course, they’re made—either all or in part—from a mother ‘load’ of pallets.

  1. Photo Frames – It’s likely mom has a million photos of her family in the palm of her hand. Pallets can help transform them from digital to delightful. Learn how to make these rustic photo frames to showcase her biggest treasure—her family!
  2. Vertical Blinds – She may not see this too often; but, wood blinds add an interesting twist to any window. Why not dress up one of hers with this wooden variety.
  3. Pet Bed – Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend. Make sure her beloved pooch is comfortable with a pet bed made from pallets. View this instructional video to get started.
  4. Reading Nook – Well, okay, this gift is for her little ones; but, if they’re happy, she’s happy. All the Dads out there can make this reading nook in order to give mom a little break (which is probably the best present of all).

gifts for your mother

Maybe you’re not the crafty type. That’s okay, too. There are now several folks that make a successful living repurposing pallets and selling their items to the masses. To shop a variety of products, click here. Or, you could reach out to our vice president, Amy Olson. She paints used pallets in her spare time. Of course, she can also help you with all of your pallet management needs, too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this post; we hope it’s a wonderful day spent with family!

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