Shrinking Supply of Pallet Cores

The Christmas rush is on and that means every product imaginable needs to be delivered to every corner of the...

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The Christmas rush is on and that means every product imaginable needs to be delivered to every corner of the world.  From electronics, clothing, and toys to artificial Christmas trees, almost everything that makes the holiday season enjoyable has spent some time sitting on a pallet.

Typically, the high shipping season is met with excitement for those in the pallet industry because companies ramp up production and shipments causing a surge in pallet demand. But, this year, the increased demand is causing heightened stress due to a depleted supply of and continuous battle for pallet cores.  Without cores, recycled pallet manufacturers, in particular, cannot produce as many recycled or used pallets and, in some cases, are resorting to building new pallets and combo pallets.

What does this mean for the end-user?  Companies looking for pallets this season may have to pay more for new or make do with a smaller supply of used pallets.  And, it looks like the shrinking supply of pallet cores will continue into the New Year.  For more information about core supplies and the used pallet market, please read the full article, written by market analyst, Jeff McBee, on the Pallet Enterprise Web site, the leading pallet and sawmill magazine in America.

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We are especially grateful for the wealth of information available from analysts and industry experts concerning market forecasts and trends.  By staying on top of the latest crucial developments affecting the industry, Rose Pallet is well equipped to discuss alternatives and offer the most cost-effective solutions.  To discuss pallet supply further or to review your pallet needs this holiday season, please call the pallet pros at Rose Pallet.

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