A Green New Year

While CSR and sustainability initiatives are not new this year, companies are doing more in 2022 to prepare for a low-carbon economy. Part of the strategy for large corporations is to work with suppliers who recycle, re-use, and reduce emissions.

As a buyer of pallets, understanding the wood pallet recycling process and communicating it can help your business’s green initiatives and boost your partnerships.

If your company is like most, it probably has recycling policies and other initiatives in place to reduce and re-use. However, a key component of these policies is practice. In other words, just because a product can be recycled doesn’t mean that it is. And, unfortunately, many products that are recyclable aren’t.


For initiatives to be successful, recyclable products need to be recycled. Wood pallets are an environmentally superior product because they are being highly recycled. Why is this rate so high? There are three reasons:

  1. Collection is Easy. There is a vast recycling network for wood pallets and easy systems in place to collect pallets after use. Learn more about Rose Pallet’s recycling program.
  2. Transformation is Simple. Unlike other products that require extensive processes to sort, clean, process, and re-manufacture, wood pallets can simply be repaired or upcycled into a new product without much effort or much energy. And the possibilities for upcycling are almost endless.
  3. Demand is High. There is a huge market for recycled pallets. They are a valuable part of the overall pallet industry because they can be produced less expensively than new pallets.

In addition to being easy to recycle and reuse, wood pallets store carbon and keep it out of the atmosphere. That means, when you use wood pallets, you are reducing your carbon footprint. Check out this tool to calculate your impact.

The next time your business meets to discuss sustainability initiatives, make wood pallets a part of the conversation. They’re one of the easiest and most efficient ways to incorporate green initiatives into your CSR policy this year, as well as make a difference for the world at large.

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