Good News in the Pallet Industry and Beyond

As a provider of a critical component in the supply chain, Rose Pallet is grateful to remain open and operating. But, we know the business landscape is different for many companies during these unprecedented times. Focusing on the positive and the good news in our country helps reminds us that we will get through this.

As our country has taken unprecedented steps to flatten the curve of the pandemic, a lot has changed with the way we conduct business. In the pallet industry, however, work has continued because pallets are part of the critical infrastructure.

Rose Pallet has been fortunate to continue operating, under the safety guidelines set by the CDC, to provide our customers with the pallets they need to keep our supply chain running. And, the good news amidst this outbreak is that the process has been working and continues to ensure the flow of products. Grocery shelves are full again (thank goodness for more toilet paper) and healthcare facilities are receiving more PPE every day to safely treat patients.

Furthermore, there are wonderful stories in the news of companies large and small doing their part to help our country recover and get back to normal. In particular, we have enjoyed hearing about how manufacturers have converted their production lines to make ventilators, masks, gowns, and sanitizer. And, we have watched footage as those supplies are loaded and unloaded (using pallets of course).

Through all of this, Rose Pallet is grateful to help our customers and play a small role in moving essential goods throughout our country. The fact that we have been able to operate and provide steady income for our employees is also very special.

Of course, there are many lessons to be learned from this pandemic. Chief among them, we believe, is to show appreciation and not take anything for granted. While pallets are part of our critical infrastructure, there are many other things that are critical to our well-being. From the freedom to gather and earn a living to the small stuff like a pat on the back, nothing should be overlooked.

As our country recovers and rebounds, please let us know if we can help you move forward. Whether you need pallets, advice, or a recommendation, we’re just a call or click away.

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