Top 4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Made from Pallets

Whatever fond memories you hold of your father—playing catch with you, coaching your team, giving you advice, paying your allowance,...

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Whatever fond memories you hold of your father—playing catch with you, coaching your team, giving you advice, paying your allowance, or even helping you move into your first home—remember to honor him this Father’s Day, which occurs in 11 days. Like we did for Mother’s Day, we scoured the net for some awesome DIY Father’s Day gift ideas to provide you with some inspiration.

  1. Help dad kick back and relax this Father’s Day with an Adirondack-style chair, including foot rest. Get step-by-step instructions on how to make it from the site 1001pallets.
  1. For a simpler project, yet still very useful, consider making a wood-mounted bottle opener using scrap pallet boards. You can even paint it with his favorite team logo or mascot. He can hang it in the kitchen or in his ‘man cave’ right next to the fridge. How convenient!
  1. What about a fire pit for his backyard? For this project, you can use pallets two ways—to make the base of the pit and you can even use scraps as kindling. This unique version incorporates storage for his firewood into the design. Check it out on
  2. If you have more time and are feeling industrious, you could attempt to build a patio deck using pallets for the base. Complete the look with a new barbeque grill and hang up a hammock. Dad will never want to leave!

Maybe you’re not the crafty type. That’s okay, too. There are now several folks that make a successful living repurposing pallets and selling their items to the masses. To shop a variety of products, click here. Or, you could reach out to our vice president, Amy Angellotti. Commission her to paint a special message or image on a used pallet for your dad. Of course, she can also help you with all of your pallet management needs, too.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this post; we hope it’s a wonderful day spent with family!

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