Every Little Bit Helps

Our grandfather set the example and taught my sister and me to give back whenever we had an opportunity. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to help many organizations and we’re always humbled to do so. Recently, however, one of our clients stepped up to provide assistance and it’s a story so pure of heart, we couldn’t resist sharing.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Koval Distillery, one of the largest independent craft distilleries, abruptly stopped producing its specialty spirits and put a hold on all future pallet orders. Instead, they switched their production line to manufacture and donate much-needed hand sanitizer to first responders, nursing homes, medical facilities, and others in need.

Although they weren’t shipping their signature product anymore, the company quickly realized their need for pallets to transport the alcohol-based sanitizer to frontline facilities. When they reached out to us, our operations director Danny Villasenor didn’t hesitate to take action.

Danny’s wife works in a hospital and his grandmother owns a daycare, so he knew the high demand and urgency for PPE-related products. Initially, Danny wanted to personally cover the cost and donate them. But, we would not allow him to pay out-of-pocket for pallets. We were just happy that Rose Pallet could assist and play a small role in getting these critical goods to those who needed them most.

A Rose Pallet truck was loaded up and Danny delivered the donated pallets to our client, all on his own time.

It sounds so simple and small, but what Danny did made a big difference. He truly embodies the Rose Pallet spirit to listen, care, and solve problems. We are proud of Danny and all of our remarkable employees.

And, we are indebted to our first responders and companies like Koval that are sacrificing profits for the well-being of others. Thank you!

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