How to Make Distance Learning Fun with Pallets

Thankfully, parts of the country are starting to re-open; but for students in many states, school is closed for the remainder of the year. If you’re searching for something fun and creative to do with your kids, look no further.

wooden pallets making a bridge in the woods

If distance learning has you stuck in a rut, try a different teaching tool. Pallets that have reached the end of their usable lifecycle make a great canvas for creative minds and they can be upcycled for recreation uses, too. So, when your next item on the agenda calls for Art or Physical Education, swap the construction paper and jump ropes for…pallets!

Don’t have any old pallets laying around? Inquire at your local market, grocery store, or hardware store. Perhaps you have scrap wood from a previous home improvement project. That will work, too. For more ideas on where to find pallets for upcycling, click here.

For art projects, the entire pallet can be used or you can break off slats. Just be sure to remove any broken nails and sand down rough areas before you begin. Then, the sky is the limit. Paint it or glue on decorative elements. Little ones can use stickers or puff paint. When finished, display the art on your porch or other covered area outside your house.

For recreation, try creating pallet cornhole or other tossing games. This is sure to test your kids’ hand-eye coordination.  If you have preschool-age children, a sand box is always a hit.

In addition to Art and P.E., pallets can even help your kids with Math if the project involves measuring. For example, older kids might enjoy using pallets to create ladders, which lead to a tree stand or fort. Read more about how this family used pallets to create several bridges on their property for the kids to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

Teach the kids some Science and create planter boxes out of pallets. They can water seeds or flowers and watch their plants grow all summer long.

We hope these ideas make your stay at home a little more fun. Show us your creations or share your ideas by commenting below.

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