What Material Pallet Is Right For Your Process?

 The #1 reason to go with wood pallets is simply their cost effectiveness. Often pallets are being shipped to a different location so providing them with a high-cost item not directly associated with the product may be harmful to operational costs. The lumber utilized for wood pallets is also cheaper and more readily available than the other materials.

Pallet Customization

  Any pallet that is not a standardized 48×40 pallet can be considered custom. Plastic pallets may not be ideal for custom pallet needs due to the higher production costs. Low volume manufacturing of custom plastic pallets may not be beneficial to the business due to the need for molding materials by pallet manufacturers. As for aluminum pallets, they may often require welding for customization. It’s crucial to work with experienced manufacturers or fabricators who specialize in aluminum pallet production to ensure the quality and functionality of the custom pallets. Additionally, adherence to any relevant industry standards or regulations is essential. Of course, all these factors impact the pricing of both pallets, making wood pallets superior for many processes.

When is it not beneficial to use wood pallets?

What are the benefits of using alternative materials? Plastic pallets offer greater strength and lighter weight compared to their wooden counterparts. Aluminum pallets have noticeable traits, as they are designed for durability. They are also naturally fireproof and UV resistant. In closed pallet pools, part of closed-loop supply chain systems, they may find these options better as they require less frequent repurchasing and exhibit noticeably reduced wear and tear. Moreover, international shippers may favor these alternatives due to the absence of shipping regulations governing their use. If the production facility can keep pallets them internally for the duration of the manufacturing process, or are international shippers wood may not be a more suitable option than using plastic or aluminum.

With all things considered it’s no surprise that wood pallets are 90% of the current market. If you are looking for a cost effective and easily customizable option wood pallets are going to best fit your supply chain. Extra heavy loads may require the stronger plastic or aluminum pallets to fully support the load. To ensure your facility is using the proper pallets partnering with a reputable provider is crucial to success.  Rose Pallet does provide both wood and plastic pallets. To speak with one of our pallet professionals please fill out a quote request form below.

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