Interview with Rose Pallet Vice President – Part II

Last month we featured part one of vice president Mia Allen’s interview in Pallet Enterprise magazine, the wooden and plastic...

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Last month we featured part one of vice president Mia Allen’s interview in Pallet Enterprise magazine, the wooden and plastic pallet industry source for news and information. In the first half of the interview, Mia discussed the greatest piece of business advice along with her techniques to on-board new employees. Next, she answers questions concerning the state of the industry along with a recent award bestowed to her. Here are her unedited responses.

PE: Do you think there are any new issues that the industry is going to have to deal with in the next year?
MA: The newest issue that we have been dealing with, which I believe will only be more prevalent in 2015, involves the rise in new homes built and sold. Our mills have not had to compete with a rigorous housing industry in the past few years. But that is changing rapidly and lumber availability is becoming more and more of an issue. In the near future, we may see shortages or price increases due to supply and demand.

PE: You recently received a business award. What is it like to be a leader in a mostly male-dominated industry?
MA:   I was thrilled to be notified that I was an honoree among the 2013 Most Influential Women in Business, presented by The Daily Herald Business Ledger. It is not a distinction I take lightly and, after 16 years in the pallet industry, I am still amazed how rare it is to find women executives.  However, my family has worked in related industries for many years. And, while that may have influenced my career path, I attribute my success to a personal passion for my work. Admittedly, at times I may have had to work a bit harder to prove myself to male colleagues. But, I never once considered myself unequal or disadvantaged. Ultimately, my experience has taught me that there are more ways to success than just the beaten path and that has made all the difference in my career. Pursuing my passion, even when outnumbered, has led me to an exciting profession with like-minded people.

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