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Why Happiness is an Essential Business Practice

In these challenging times, terms like “essential business” and “non-essential business” are being thrown around. Arguably, it’s hard to qualify. But as our owner explains, there is one thing she knows for certain. It is essential to focus on employee happiness because, now more than anything, attitude is contagious.

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rose pallet employee spotlight series

Employee Spotlight Series – Operating on Optimism

In addition to industry news, tips, and trends, our blog is also a great place to learn about our employees—the people behind the pallets.  This time we sat down with Danny Villasenor in Operations to learn more about his role in the company, optimistic outlook, and aspirations! What does a typical workday look like for […]

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Does Your Pallet Provider Emphasize Employee Education?

We understand that our clients face new challenges every day concerning the logistics and handling of their products. In order to better anticipate needs, our employees must be aware of the latest supply chain trends and developments. That’s why Rose Pallet places strong emphasis on continuing employee education and development. How Our Education Benefits You: […]

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‘Tis the Season to Come Together…as a Team

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Mike Shinoda play at one of the most intimate venues in Chicago, The House of Blues.  Mike is part of a band I listened to growing up called Linkin Park.  My brother and I used to listen to Linkin Park songs over and over.  Their music was unique […]

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