How to Profit from Your Pallets

If you have pallets laying around, you can turn them into cash. And, certain ones can fetch a great price. But, how do you know which pallets are in demand? Read on to find out…

wooden pallets stacked up

Pallet recyclers across the country are looking for your pallets. However, not for the reason you might think.  Sure, they are able to chip or grind up old pallets and repurpose them for mulch, animal bedding, or fuel. But they would rather refurbish or rebuild them for resale. Either way, it’s a beneficial practice because it keeps pallets out of landfills.

What to Know

The condition of the pallet determines its fate—whether it is suitable for the chipper or for repair—and, subsequently, its value. You’re more likely to sell your pallets for a higher price if they are salvageable and if you have common sizes such as 48 x 40 inch, 42 x 42 inch, or 48 x 48.  Another factor is geographic region.  If you’re located in the South or Midwest, you might earn more for your pallets than if you’re located in the Northeast. That’s because data reveals that fewer pallets are generated and of less common sizes in the Northeast.

Where to Go

If you’re not sure about the condition or sizes of your used pallets, contact a pallet recycler near you. Rose Pallet, for example, will sort, count, and grade every pallet that you want to sell. We categorize according to popular sizes and grade on factors such as no repair needed, some repair needed, dismantling required, and best suited for chipping/grinding.  Plus, we’ll pick up from anywhere.

Almost half of all pallets purchased are recovered pallets. But, pallet recyclers couldn’t do it without you. Seek a reliable partner to buy back your pallets and keep the cycle going. It’s money in your pocket as savings when you buy reconditioned and as earnings when you sell them back.  If you have pallets to sell, we’d love to connect with you. Give us a call today!

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