Prevent Waste with Collection Program for Used Pallets

Whether you are a small business or a global company, it’s likely that you have a supply of used pallets...

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Whether you are a small business or a global company, it’s likely that you have a supply of used pallets laying around collecting dust or perhaps even mold, bugs, or other critters. This wasted space in your warehouse or grounds leads to decreased efficiency and increased operational costs. But, there is an effective solution!

Used pallets can be recycled through repair or by dismantling and remanufacturing using a combination of used and new lumber. The nails from the pallet are also reused and those that are damaged are collected for scrap metal purposes. Cardboard components may be recycled as well. Any remaining wood waste can be repurposed as boiler fuel or landscape mulch, among other things.

According to a study by Virginia Tech and the USDA Forestry Service, less than 3% of all manufactured wood pallets end up in landfills. Your business can help maintain or improve upon that statistic by properly disposing of used pallets through collection programs for recycling purposes. And, Rose Pallet can assist in the process!

If you have scrap pallets, wood waste, plastic, or cardboard sitting around your facility, consider our drop trailer program. Through this service, we will drop an empty trailer at your location into which you can unload all of your wood or plastic pallet waste. When you reorder pallets, or when you call us to report a full trailer, we can drop/switch the trailers and remove the scrap or waste. This process eliminates the hassle that comes with having live unloads and ensures you always have a trailer on site for collection purposes.

Free up space in your warehouse and assist the environment at the same time—it’s a win-win situation for your operations and our planet. For more information about the drop trailer program, please contact the pallet pros at Rose Pallet. We are happy to discuss this service along with a variety of pallet recycling options.

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