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Pallets may represent a lower-cost item in the supply chain, but type and quality have a significant impact on loading and unloading time, safety, and cost.

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Spring is in the air! Many use this season as an opportunity to clean house. In business, this can be done in several ways. From simple organization to cutting costs and working more efficiently, Rose Pallet can help your company do all three!

Although pallets may represent a lower-cost item in the supply chain, it’s important to routinely assess your inventory and evaluate their usage within your warehouse.  After all, pallet type and quality have a significant impact on loading and unloading time, safety, and cost.  Using the wrong ones can slow down distribution or deliveries, thus impacting overall efficiency and—ultimately—the bottom line.

If you haven’t assessed and evaluated your pallets lately, don’t put it off any longer. Rose Pallet can come on site to your facility to personally review your supply chain operations and shipping needs.  We can recommend, for example, block or stringer, wood or plastic, new or used, based on your unique system requirements and the product being handled.  We can even create cost comparisons for two or more options!  Using the proper pallet can make a difference in not only cost and efficiency, but also in peace of mind. After all, gaining assurance that your product will ship safely during transit and arrive undamaged at its destination is priceless.

Once you have selected the right pallet, the next step is to ensure proper supply. Some companies require a continuous supply while others may benefit from a just-in-time or J-I-T approach.  Provided you have an accurate pallet usage forecast, it’s no longer necessary to carry a large inventory of pallets, which can take up space in your warehouse, become disorganized, and lead to increased operational costs.  Instead, you can order the correct amount of pallets just when you need them.  But, be sure to partner with a reliable pallet provider.  The last thing you want is to spend time developing an accurate forecast only to have a vendor fail to deliver.

So, spring to it!  Call the pros at Rose Pallet to begin your pallet assessment and evaluation today.

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