Wood Pallets Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of the pallet industry is a constant focus for many. This is because most pallets are created using lumber, so deforestation concerns are prevalent. Most people do not realize the rate at which trees are being replaced, the lifecycle of an average pallet and the true concerns in the industry.

Building Resilence &. Sustainability into the Supply Chain

Trees Being Planted

For over a decade now the ratio has been 2:1 for trees planted and removed from forests. This means that for every tree removed, two more are planted. So at a steady rate we are actually increasing trees in our forests now. It is up to those In the forest management industry to regulate their territories. “The quality of forest management drives the level of restoration or destruction in the forested environment,” says Brad Kahn of the Forest Stewardship Council, which sets standards and certifies forests that are responsibly managed. Responsible manufacturers are going to be a lot more concerned and aware of the lumber providers and the methods they use to acquire the materials.


Average Wood Pallet Lifecycle

Most pallets are reused. They are even recycled and repaired into re-manufactured pallets. There are many treatments pallets can undergo to help ensure the integrity of the wood. Once a pallet is no longer usable at all, it is then turned into other wood materials such as mulch and animal bedding. The most beneficial part about all of this is that of course at the end of the day, wood is biodegradable. If for some reason it is not tended to properly for recycling, then it will eventually return to our environment naturally.


Concerns In The Industry

Most pallets sold are wooden so many people see the industry as unfavorable environmentally. Truth is, the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) established wood pallets as a leader of environmental stewardship. They even provide an independent, verified tool to measure pallets impact on the environment. The major concern is actually often out of our hands. Therefore, it is the spread of foreign pests that may try calling the pallet home during its lengthy lifecycle. It is said that, “they are responsible for transporting invasive insects that are destroying entire tree species in North America, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage to the environment.” As we continue to send materials around the world we are inadvertently creating an environment where these pests can thrive. Regulating the industry is the best way to ensure uniform business practices. Increased regulation will help ensure the wood pallet industry is environmentally friendly.


At Rose Pallet we are very aware of the environmentally impact we and our entire industry has. So, when you request a quote for any pallets or crates, know we are the trusted and responsible choice.


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