5 Ways Pallets Make the Play this Tailgating Season

If you ask many of our employees what they look forward to each fall, you’re bound to hear one word:...

collage of tailgating projects you can make with a wooden pallet

If you ask many of our employees what they look forward to each fall, you’re bound to hear one word: football. And, although it’s hard to let go of summer, football season makes the transition a little easier. Whether you enjoy Friday Night Lights, College, or Pro, game time is always the right time to enjoy good company and tailgating parties. This season, we sent out scouts to assess the best ways to incorporate used pallets into your pre-game huddle. Here’s the lineup:

  1. Pallet Cornhole – use the wooden slats from used pallets to create a cornhole board and score points with family and friends.
  2. Pallet Cooler – Let’s face it; some days your team doesn’t play so hot. But, you’ll still be able to keep your cool, and your beverages, too, with this unique drink cooler made from upcycled pallet wood.
  3. Wine & Cheese Tray – Some fans prefer wine. Serve them with this handsome and functional tray, made just for vino.
  4. Condiment Holder – Tote your salt/pepper/ketchup/mustard, etc, in style with a holder made from wooden pallet slats.
  5. Pallet Sign – and, don’t forget to proudly display your team support with a sign made from pallet boards.  Go Bears! Make your own or order one from Urban Art Chicago.

So, remember—drills aren’t just for the pros. Before you huddle up next, grab your power tool, some nails, a used pallet, and get creative!

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