How to Buy Pallets at an Economic Price

In these challenging times, more and more companies are looking for ways to cut costs. And, although pallets are essential, they don’t have to be expensive. As an alternative to buying new, we suggest trying reconditioned or combo pallets.

Cost written on paper cut in half

Reconditioned pallets are also known as recycled pallets. These pallets have been previously used and then repaired. Combo pallets are remanufactured or completely rebuilt using a combination of old and new materials. There are benefits to each, but distinct recommendations for using each type.

Let’s start by examining reconditioned pallets. These pallets are repaired after use to maintain structural integrity. Reconditioned pallets are graded according to cosmetic characteristics. Grade A (or #1) pallets look as close to new as possible with fewer blemishes such as discoloration or protruding nail heads. If aesthetics and minor defects are not an issue, Grade B (or #2) pallets can save you even more money without sacrificing performance. Either option, however, may have variable deck board widths. For this reason, reconditioned pallets are ideal for loads that fit on industry-standard sizes such as the GMA pallet.

If your load exceeds weight or size guidelines for industry-specific pallets, you may need to opt for combo pallets. Other ideal situations include one-way transit, companies that procure small quantities of pallets, or for material handling systems that require pallets with unique board spacing. Combo pallets can be customized to any specifications or size required. By utilizing reclaimed pallet wood, the cost to procure a combo pallet is less than buying new, but slightly more than reconditioned or recycled pallets.

Although a smaller item in the supply chain, it’s nearly impossible to do without the pallet. But, Rose Pallet can help you buy it more economically. And, whether you choose reconditioned or combo, you’re preventing discarded wood from ending up in a landfill. It’s a win-win situation.

For more information about all of our pallet options and related services, please contact us. We look forward to learning more about your operations and finding a pallet solution that is right for your needs and budget.


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