A Productive Year Ahead for Rose Pallet

We are grateful to our clients, vendors, and the surrounding community for supporting our business in 2018.  Now, as we...

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We are grateful to our clients, vendors, and the surrounding community for supporting our business in 2018.  Now, as we move into 2019, we are excited for the year ahead.

Our president, Guy Gruenberg, took a few moments to reflect on the past and provide insight into our future business endeavors.

  1. What will Rose Pallet do differently in 2019 compared to 2018?
    Rose Pallet will continue to offer the highest level of customer service in the industry by expanding our operations team with highly trained technicians. We are adding to our fleet of trailers and short-haul delivery vehicles to allow for half truckload deliveries. Our dropped trailer program continues to be popular; therefore, we will also have extra semi-trailers to leave behind at customer locations for storage and scrap recycle pick-up.
  2. What will Rose Pallet do in the year ahead to assist clients with tight delivery deadlines? Like every year, we strive to provide a continuous supply of pallets to our customers. While it can be difficult when material is in short supply, there are ways to overcome this and other market challenges. For example, Rose Pallet has added a new, dedicated production line manufacturing combo pallets to meet the increasing demand for pallets. In fact, our overall production capacity has increased by approximately 9% and will continue to grow throughout 2019. In addition, we are leveraging our financial strength to purchase more raw lumber. We are also considering an acquisition, which will increase our capacity to provide remanufactured and recycled pallets for our valued clients.
  3. How will Rose Pallet take the client experience to a new level in 2019? Rose Pallet is continually updating our technology to process and track orders more efficiently. Our operation team is raising the bar on post-production quality control. They work to ensure our pallets adhere to strict inspection benchmarks. The result is a product we’re confident meets or exceeds industry standards and, likewise, client expectations.
  4. What are the company’s goals for 2019? a) Unmatched customer satisfaction; b) increased pallet supply for our clients; c) continue our Remarkable Initiative to have the best team members and be a great place to work; d) expand our national reach
  5. What is the company looking forward to the most in the coming year? We are looking forward to meeting more prospects and clients face-to-face. It is also very probable that we will complete a move to a new corporate headquarters by mid-year. As always, we’ll be sure to update our loyal blog readers on this and other milestones throughout the year.

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