Combo Pallets Pack a Combination of Benefits for Your Business

Does your operation require custom-sized pallets? Or, perhaps you need an economical solution for one-way shipping? Rose Pallet has an...

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Does your operation require custom-sized pallets? Or, perhaps you need an economical solution for one-way shipping? Rose Pallet has an answer that packs a combination of benefits for your business. Combo pallets combine new and recycled material for a high quality, cost-effective pallet to transport your goods from point A to B.

Using a hybrid of materials can save up to 25% and the pallet can be custom designed to meet your exact specification needs. While not as durable as new wooden pallets, the combo version is nearly as strong.  The recycled material used in the manufacturing process tends to be drier than new wood, which helps strengthen the combo pallet. And, by using recycled wood, your company can help maintain its commitment to the environment by preventing used pallets from taking up space in a landfill.

Combo pallets are a unique specialty of Rose Pallet and usually contain new stringers and used deck boards, but can be any mix of new and used material.  The most common build for combo pallets is new stringers (up to 144 inches) and used deck boards (up to 42 inches) or used stringers (up to 48 inches) and new deck boards (up to 120 inches).

While ideal for one-way shipping, combo pallets can be suitable for multi-use purposes, too.  When considering them for numerous shipments, we recommend building the combo pallet using new material for the critical load dimensions and then surround that area with recycled material.  This will help the combo pallet withstand more than one trip.

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Combo pallets are also suitable for international shipping because they can be heat treated to comply with the ISPM 15 Standard, required for export shipments.

Of course, Rose Pallet can help with all of your pallet management needs–whether new, used, wood, or plastic. Our goal is to help you streamline procedures and create operational efficiencies to save your organization time and money. Contact us today!

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