Looking Forward to What’s Next with the WPA

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to another busy and productive year which, for industry events, kicks off in just two days at the Western Pallet Association Annual Meeting.

The New Year begs the question: What’s Next? For the pallet industry, the future holds hefty challenges. The key to success will be adapting to world-changing events, new technology, and the changing economy. To help us navigate these issues, Rose Pallet relies heavily on research, insight, and education provided by industry associations.

The first of which is the Western Pallet Association Annual Conference held in Rancho Mirage, CA.  It all kicks off on Friday, January 13th, and runs through Tuesday, January 17th.

The Western Pallet Association is a non-profit trade association started in 1974 with a purpose to bring together professionals in material handling, including manufacturers and wholesalers,  to share knowledge, create innovative ideas, discuss industry issues, and promote the wooden pallet industry. The association accomplishes this through industry meetings, seminars, and various networking opportunities.

Each year, the conference provides a great opportunity to learn from experts in the field, stay ahead of trends, and make new connections. Along with interactive learning on topical issues including the digital supply chain and changing customer dynamics, the event also boasts several outdoor activities, receptions, and an auction to benefit The Pallet Foundation – a nonprofit dedicated to supporting research, education/training and safety in the wood packaging industry while promoting the industry to end-users.

Of the educational events at this year’s meeting, the one that we’re looking forward to the most is the lecture on “The Future of Pallets in the Digital Supply Chain,” presented by writer and entrepreneur Glenn Meeks. For a full event schedule, click here.

In the meantime, if you’re out West and plan on attending this meeting to learn what’s next, please let us know your thoughts and what you liked best. And, as always, for all your pallet management needs, call on the educated experts at Rose Pallet; we are ready and prepared to help you for the long haul!

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