4 Tips to Extend Useful Life of Wooden Crates

As a child we likely heard our parents say, ‘take care of your toys so they don’t break.’ The same is true for wooden crates. You can extend the useful life of your wooden crate supply by following four easy tips.

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It’s a simple truth: the longer your crates last, the less money you will spend on new ones. To extend useful life, consider the following tips:

Buy Better—Partner with a reliable wooden crate provider who will help you select the right crate type and size for your products and use-case. Depending on your need, i.e. commercial, industrial, export, display, or re-usable, specifications will differ. Materials will vary as well. Crates can be built from hardwood, softwood, plywood, particle board, and OSB. Discussing these criteria with your crate supplier will ensure you have a durable supply starting out.

Handle with Care—Proper training regarding the handling and transport of crates is required to prevent damage. The most common cause of damage occurs when wooden crates are dropped too quickly or from an unsafe height. Therefore, it’s a good idea to train all employees who use pallets and crates or operate equipment that comes into contact with pallets or crates on safe handling techniques. Many industry associations offer training classes and resources including the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association.

Pack Smart—Just as you might pack light to avoid loss or added costs during travel, a similar packing strategy has benefits when shipping crates. Packing crates carefully—not too much product and not too little—will help prevent damage to the crate or contents from shifting during transit. As with personal travel, it’s always best to err on the “light” side. If there is extra room after packing in your crate, use filler materials.

Storage Matters—Temperature shifts affect wood material over time. When wood expands and contracts multiple times, it can lose its structural integrity. Mold can also grow in moist conditions. Therefore, as with pallets, it is best to store wooden crates inside. If outside storage is necessary, place crates in a covered area with adequate ventilation.

Rose Pallet specializes in manufacturing and supplying wooden crates. We welcome the opportunity to continue this discussion and assist with your wooden crate needs. Consult with our crate specialists today!

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