Wildfire Awareness Month

Did you know that wildfires in the United States alone burn an average of 7 million acres of land each year? This staggering statistic underscores the urgency and relevance of raising awareness about wildfire prevention and management. As a company working with wood products, addressing the environmental impact of wildfires becomes crucial. Participating in initiatives like National Wildfire Month can help others demonstrate a stronger commitment to sustainable forest management and fire prevention.

wildfire prevention

Wildfire Causes

Although wildfires are a natural part to many different areas, it has a drastic impact. It is heavily recorded that in the present day humans are the cause of over 80% of wildfires. A lot of these incidents are admittedly accidental and not due to intentional arson. Either way over 7 million acres of land are damaged by wildfires annually. It is interesting to note that since the 1900s the actual number of fires has gone down, yet acreage burned has increased.

Wildfire Prevention

It is important that we work to prevent wildfires, especially since we (humans) are the primary cause. The most simple tip is to simply avoid any activities that may include fires and sparks in dry areas on especially dry or windy days. If camping, please ensure the camp fire is put out thoroughly and cold once completed. Campers should also build all sites in open areas away from trees. Evacuation routes are imperative to success as well. Should all prevention methods fail it is important that people have a plan in place to ensure safety.

Now that you are aware of all some real hazards of wildfires, it is important to discuss what that means for a pallet company. Wildfires can disrupt the supply of timber, which is a key raw material used in manufacturing wood pallets. A decrease in the availability of timber due to wildfires can lead to higher prices and supply chain challenges for the company. We like to remain prepared by utilizing reconditioned pallets.


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For more wildfire information click this link to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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