Get Your Product From Here to There Safely

Just as parents secure their young passengers in second-row car seats while driving, precious cargo shipped on pallets needs to be properly positioned and secured to travel safely. Three simple tips will help you get your product from here to there in its original condition.

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Sizing – It starts by using the right pallet. Of course, there are many different types and various sizes available. However, wood and plastic are the most prevalent type.  And 48 x 40 is the most common size in the U.S. If you can use either wood or plastic with these dimensions, it will help ensure your pallets are compatible with the material handling equipment and workers they encounter along the way. This, of course, helps prevent damage to pallets (and your products), extends longevity of pallets so they can be re-used, and saves money.

Stacking – Proper positioning of your products on pallets is critical to ensure goods arrive safely to their destination. Stack boxes with the heaviest on the bottom. To mitigate sliding or other movement, place cardboard in between stacks. Remember that boxes or other cargo should never hang over the perimeter of the pallet. And stacks should never exceed 60 inches in height. This prevents any pallet from becoming overloaded and unstable.

Securing (wrap and bands) – The final step is to secure boxes or cargo with interlocking straps or bands and/or multiple layers of shrink wrap. If using them, straps or bands go on first; secure by going in between pallet slats and around the boxes. Lastly, shrink wrapping should go all the way around the pallet, including the perimeter of its base, so that the boxes and pallet can be moved as one unit.

Need more helpful tips? Consult the pallet pros at Rose Pallet. We’re ready to take the stress out of shipping and get your product from here to there…safely.

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