4 Ways to Celebrate Mom and Dad on Parents’ Day

Parents’ Day occurs in just four days on Sunday, July 23rd. What? You haven’t given much thought to this holiday?...

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Parents’ Day occurs in just four days on Sunday, July 23rd. What? You haven’t given much thought to this holiday? That’s probably for two good reasons. First, it’s a newer holiday (established in 1994) and, second, many of us place greater emphasis on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

But, this year, we would like to call attention to this holiday for a personal reason. Our vice president, Amy Angellotti, will be a first-time mom in a matter of weeks! We are excited for her and her husband as they begin their new journey together as parents. It is a responsibility that requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. And, that is why we should recognize all of our parents on this day.

But, first, a little history. In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed a congressional resolution to commemorate Parents’ Day on the fourth Sunday in July in an effort to promote family commitment and parental responsibilities. Since that time, citizens, organizations, and federal, state, and local governmental are encouraged to recognize Parents’ Day each year through proclamations, activities, and educational efforts to recognize, uplift, and support the role of parents in bringing up their children.

Now, on to the recognition. They serve as our role models, mentors, teachers, providers, and overall support system. This Sunday, you can show gratitude to your parents or parental figure in your life by sending them a card or gift (and, if you’re at a loss as to what to give, refer to our posts on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day DIY projects made from pallets).

Happy Parents Day

If your parents live in close proximity, you might also consider hosting them for lunch or dinner and cook family recipes that your parents love and enjoy. You could even arrange a special tribute through a local announcement in the paper or on social media. If you have older parents, the traditional route is probably best; however, if you’re connected to them through social media, that is an easy and effective way to honor them as well. Of course, if you can’t be together in person, make sure you take time to give them a call.

Whatever you do, we hope the day will hold a special place for you and your family…especially if you’re a parent, too! Got any parenting tips, advice, or encouragement for Amy? Post your comments below.

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