New Year, New Stats to Share

Earlier this month we shared little-known facts about wood. To help you keep your New Year’s resolution and grow in learning, we’ve compiled a short quiz about our favorite renewable resource. Think you can answer all five correctly? Let’s find out…

At Rose Pallet, we love to learn about wood.  It’s one of our oldest natural resources and today it moves more than $400 billion worth of American trade around the world. Suffice to say, we couldn’t live without it.

And we believe something so precious deserves to be studied. So, we invite you to sharpen your wooden pencils and launch your favorite browser: It’s quiz time!

The first reader to comment with correct answers to all five questions will win a $25 Starbucks Card.  Good luck…

  1. How much of the United States is forested?
    a) One-third             b) One-fourth                    c) One-eighth               d) One-sixteenth
  2. The world has how many different tree species?
    a) 52,000                  b) 99,000                          c) 73,000                        d) 210,000
  3. Just one tree can absorb how many pounds of CO2 per year?
    a) 48                           b) 102                                 c) 16                                d) 78
  4. What is the total impact of the wood packaging industry on the U.S. economy?
    a) $4B                        b) $57B                              c) $31B                           d) $105B
  5. True or False? All wood is biodegradable.

Stay tuned to our blog for additional trivia throughout the year.  And remember to contact us for all your pallet management needs.

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