Educational Plant Tours Benefit Pallet Providers and Buyers

A behind-the-scene tour of pallet production helps us guide customers in designing the most cost effective and efficient pallet to move products.

inside of rose pallet warehouse

Before pallets take a trip through the supply chain, they go on a journey through the manufacturing process. For pallet providers, it’s important to understand pallet production along with the technology and new innovations involved. It helps us guide customers in designing the most cost effective and efficient pallet to move products from here to there safely.

That’s why, in a little over one month, we’ll go behind the scenes to experience our industry full circle. It’s all part of the NWPCA’s Fall Plant Tours in Toronto in October and includes tours of lumber mills, manufacturing plants, and production sites. It’s a great way to enhance our knowledge of pallets and packaging and provide better service to our clients. After all, we want you to focus your time on high-value tasks and never worry about your pallet supply.

As many of you know, however, the pallet market is experiencing shortages in Grade A or #1 pallets and unprecedented price fluctuations. From reduced availability of hardwood to natural disasters, there are many factors affecting supply. Staying in close contact with our peers at events like the Plant Tours helps us find viable solutions to pressing issues in the industry including how to:

  1. Do more with less. We learn new tips for extending the lifespan of pallets.
  2. Solve production challenges. We discuss alternatives to Grade A pallets and re-use options.
  3. Innovate. We discover ways our clients can modify equipment that comes into contact with pallets, such as reducing spans in racks and conveyors to increase the strength and capacity of pallets.

We look forward to exploring the various plants, building new business relationships, and catching up with suppliers during the expo. The end goal, of course, is to take the knowledge we gain and share it with you—our valued clients—in order to strengthen our partnership for the long haul.

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