Stop Paying Too Much for Pallet Delivery

Five variables affect how much you pay for pallet delivery. From proximity and unit load to receiving method, we examine these factors and explain what you can do to optimize freight costs and save money.

pallets on delivery truck

How can you get the best freight charge for your pallets? The answer lies in a few variables.

First, shipping costs depend on distance.  How far do the pallets you order need to travel to reach your facility? The closer your facility is to your pallet supplier, the less you’ll spend on shipping charges.

Next, what type of pallets are you ordering? The smaller they are, the more units can be packed into one load. More pallets on one load equates to a lower transportation cost per pallet. (The Center for Packaging and Unit Supply Load Design offers a class each spring on Wood Pallet Design. The main objective is to teach attendees how pallet design and selection affects material handling costs. The next course is April 29-30 in Blacksburg, VA. Learn more or register here.)

Speaking of per unit charges, the quantity of pallets you order also affects freight charges. Generally speaking, the more pallets you order at one time, the less you will incur in shipping costs per unit.

rose pallet semi truckIf, however, ordering smaller pallets or more pallets at once isn’t an option, consider a supplier that offers less-than-truckload delivery. Rose Pallet can accommodate LTL; read more about it here.

Another factor is shipping method. We all know that waiting until December 23rd to buy a Christmas present online means we will pay a higher price for on-time delivery. The same is true when ordering pallets. If you need them in a hurry, you will mostly likely pay a premium for rush shipping. To avoid this, regularly assess your pallet inventory and notify your supplier of any changes in forecasted usage. The longer lead time you provide, the less you will pay in freight because your supplier can use standard transit services.

And, finally, what is the receiving method for shipments at your facility? Does your facility have a loading dock? If not, you may have to add the cost of a lift gate service from your shipper.

Unsure if you’re paying too much in freight? Rose Pallet can help you optimize freight charges; contact our pallet specialists today to find out how you can save.

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