Pallets Piling Up? Turn Them into Cash!

We’ve all seen them. Pallets piled up outside of warehouses or distribution centers. They don’t have to sit there soaking...

old broken pallets in a pile

We’ve all seen them. Pallets piled up outside of warehouses or distribution centers. They don’t have to sit there soaking up sun and moisture– at least, not forever. That’s because there is a big market for used pallets. And, most companies do their part to ensure pallets avoid the landfill by reusing or selling them for remanufacturing or upcycling purposes.

But, like anything, selling takes time, effort, and resources. Unless you partner with one source!

Did you know that Rose Pallet buys pallets?

Rather than counting and grading every pallet that you want to sell, let us do it for you. And, we can pick up from anywhere. Instead of going through the hassle of scheduling multiple pick-ups for your various locations with different vendors, Rose Pallet can be your single-source buyer. We have our own box truck fleet for pallet retrieval and we can also leave behind a semi-trailer at your location for storage until it’s full. Just mention our dropped trailer program to learn more about this simple process.

pallets for cash

Perhaps most importantly, you can reach us anytime to sell us pallets and schedule a pick up. We understand that you may have seasonal volumes or need to speak with someone during off-peak times such as nights or weekends. When you call us—you’ll talk to a “live” person! No special apps or other technology required. And, if you do leave a message, we’ll call you back within 30 minutes.

So, if you’re one of those businesses with a towering pile of perfectly valuable wood, stop staring at it and start growing your pallet sales income. Rose Pallet is ready to help and we make it easy!

If you’re selling pallets, we’d love to connect with you to develop a solution that works for you locally, regionally, or nationwide.

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