Pallet Leadership Profile – Meet our CEO

Our CEO Mia Allen thrives on meeting new people, which is why she loves her job at Rose Pallet. In addition to the people, she loves the opportunities the pallet industry affords to those who are willing to hustle. Find out more about our dynamic leader…

Mia Allen smiling for portrait in the middle of pallets

What is one factor that has contributed to your success?
I’m a firm believer in leading by example and doing things when I say I will do them. I’m a “doer” by nature and I believe that has greatly contributed to my success. I don’t wait or sit on things for very long, otherwise they could be forgotten. I find it’s always best to just get things done and completed right away.

How do you help new employees understand Rose Pallet’s core values?
We have developed a multi-step integration process for all of our new employees. Every new hire becomes acquainted with each of our departments and receives an understanding of how our process works. They receive an employee handbook in which one of the first sections outlines our core values. I personally make sure that every member of my staff understands not only what is expected of them but also my philosophy of how to properly be a service provider in the pallet industry. This heavily stresses customer service, open communication with co-workers, and tons of relationship building with both vendors and customers.

Are there any new issues that the industry is going to face over the next year?
Prior to Covid, many companies wanted one or two suppliers. Now, there is a shift to supplier diversity, which is good for smaller pallet providers like Rose Pallet. Other issues aren’t exactly new. We continue to deal with labor, lumber, and pallet shortages along with high demand for pallets, which makes sourcing difficult—but not impossible. It keeps me on my toes, and I love that every day presents new challenges and opportunities.

What is it like to be a company leader in a mostly male-dominated industry?
It is not a distinction I take lightly, and after decades in the pallet industry, I am still amazed how rare it is to find women executives.  However, my experience has taught me that there are more ways to success than just the beaten path and that has made all the difference in my career. Pursuing my passion, even when outnumbered, has led me to an exciting profession with like-minded people. I encourage women to enter this industry—you and your perspective will be welcomed.

For more information, please contact Mia or one of our pallet specialists at Rose Pallet. We look forward to serving you!

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