What You Need to Know About Pallets, Right Now

As the distribution environment evolves, we take comfort in knowing the pallet remains a constant component to move goods across the supply chain. But, how it interacts with all the moving parts may raise some questions.

We have organized a few commonly asked questions and  links to answers from our experts as well as other industry resources.

  1. How do pallets work alongside auto storage and other high-tech automation in the warehouse? https://www.mmh.com/article/high_tech_meets_low_tech_automate_storage_for_pallet_loads
  2. How do I know which pallet type is right for my automation system? https://www.rosepallet.com/blog/pallet-type/
  3. With so many products moving in and out of DCs, and some sitting in storage longer, how can I protect my pallets from insect damage? https://www.rosepallet.com/blog/pest-treatment
  4. How can pallets help my company’s sustainability initiatives? https://www.rosepallet.com/blog/re-think-pallets/
  5. How can I optimize freight costs for pallet delivery? https://www.rosepallet.com/blog/pallet-delivery/
  6. I would like to stay informed on raw material prices and market changes so I can properly budget for pallets. Where can I receive up-to-date information? Pallet Profile Weekly
  7. What is different about Covid-19 and other supply chain disruptions?

If you have a particular question on your mind right now, ask us so we can provide assistance or refer you to the right source. And, as always, for all of your pallet management needs, contact the pros at Rose Pallet. We’re here to help you for the long haul!

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